Workout Abdominal Sit up Bench (Made in Taiwan)

6,000.00 5,500.00



  • Adjustable ab board for improving core stability and tightening up midsection
  • Adjustable positions make it easy to design diverse, efficient workout routines. Easy to assemble: clear and simple Instructions provided with user manual make it easy to assemble, not only for the gym, but also for home and office.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels abdominal exercise equipment, multiple positions can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and provide different fitness levels. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout sessions. You only need one piece of sporting equipment for each body part training, such as back, arm, hips, abdomen, chest and leg combined in one exercise.
  • Thick bench cushion provides more support for your spine, giving you a more efficient workout. This product has non-slip foam padded handles which secure your ankles and legs for safely
  • Recommended Maximum user weight is 105 Kgs.


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